Join us for a 2 week, 60+ hour hands on workshop with Mike Marino, Mike Fontaine and crew at Prosthetic Renaissance.
(10 days total)
$3,995 USD (Materials are included except for certain tools which we will provide you with a required purchase list once registered)
Please go here to register: Click Here!
**Make sure to email to check availability first and please note that there will be an additional credit card fee if paying online.

This workshop is to improve your skill level, amateur or beginner. We will demonstrate our own specific process, through the techniques and materials we use. We will guide you through the process taught, as you make realistic facial appliances of your own under our guidance.

Students will work on each other (no models provided).

This is not a speed contest, or any kind of competition. We will be focusing on how to fabricate accurate facial prosthetics, creating a unique realistic character. We will not be concentrating on body paint, costumes, props or fantasy painting.

The workshop will be conducted in the 7,000 sq. ft. Prosthetic Renaissance Facility in Englewood, NJ. This is an active Makeup FX studio that has worked on over 50 high profile productions in film, television, and theater. You’ll see what it’s like in an actual workshop environment. This is a rare opportunity unlike anything offered in make-up schools.

Artists Mike Marino and Mike Fontaine will demonstrate an original silicone makeup from start to finish. They will then guide students through creating their own makeups, offering hands on assistance and critiques.

The goal of this workshop is to give students a thorough understanding of the artistic and technical processes that go into creating a successful makeup. We have designed this to be the most fun, inspiring experience possible. All skill levels are welcome!

Topics covered:

-Design theory: Creative use of reference and finding inspiration. In depth discussion of how classic makeups were designed.

-Lifecasting: How to safely take a flawless silicone lifecast.

-Sculpture/texturing: Techniques to obtain strong anatomy, good edge placement realistic pore texture, and the use of sculpture tools.

-Mold making: How to efficiently make molds that are strong and accurate.

-Silicone encapsulation: Tricks for tinting silicone and how to run appliances with invisible edges.

Prosthetic Application: How to glue appliances down, blend edges, and match realistic skin tones using an airbrush.

-Photography: Techniques to light and photograph your makeup.

Makeup removal: How to easily take a makeup off and care for the model’s skin.

Other topics: Getting into the industry, working with productions and actors, suggestions for further study, etc.

Please email for questions and enrollment.

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